Salzburg – Austria’s Dirndl capital

In the stunningly beautiful Austrian city of Salzburg the Dirndl is the dresscode. Every Salzburger will tell you that wearing a dirndl is a sign of style and class. Whether worn to work, while shopping at the local farmer’s market or attending the Salzburg Festival: With a Dirndl, you are always dressed to perfection.

Boasting thirty manufacturers of traditional costumes and Dirndl shops, Salzburg, the city known as the film location of “The Sound of Music,” is unparalleled as a shopping destination for aficionados of alpine fashion. Dirndl, Lederhosen and traditional suits for men have always been held in high esteem in Salzburg. The locals wear them for any occasion with utter self-confidence.

Small wonder then, that traditional costumes more than hold their own against international fashion trends. Instead, Salzburg’s manufacturers create their own trends. Designers experiment with fabrics, patterns and trendy colors. Even Gexi Tostmann, one of Austria’s authorities on historic Dirndls says that “as long as you know the rules, you can bend them!” In other words: Anything goes. Refreshingly uncomplicated and casually chic designs are just as popular as traditional patterns and exquisite elegance.

The latest trends concerning all things related to Dirndls and Tracht (Austrian traditional costume) are presented each year during “Fashion Week” in Salzburg’s historic city center. There are countless other events where you can experience the enormous variety of Dirndl in Salzburg:

Since 2012, the Salzburg Festival has its crowning finale in the Salzburg Festival Ball – taking place this year on August 31. Starting with a festive gala dinner at the Archiepiscopal Residence, it continues with a ceremonious march to the Felsenreitschule (summer riding school), where the official ball opens with the dance of 60 debutante couples, young ladies and gentlemen dressed in formal Salzburg Dirndl. The general dress code for the event is “elegant Dirndl for ladies and traditional dinner jackets for men.”

Other popular events include the Edelweiss Party and Poacher’s Ball, traditional events such as the annual raising of the Maypole, the St. Rupert’s Fair, or the monthly “Almrausch” Trachten-clubbing, Gössl’s Dirndl “Flugtag” and the Salzburg Advent Singing in Winter. Find out about these and other events on

 Julia Holzapfel on 01.03.2013