A Dirndl by Goessl

Goessl is high-flying, not only in terms of the Dirndlflugtag. It is definitely a frontrunner, when it comes to Dirndl brand-names. The company, which was founded more than 60 year ago and was primarily manufacturing and distributing blouses, is now known for traditional Dirndl design with a twist. Fun elements, such as camouflage patterned fabric for a traditional Dirndl cut keep their collections fresh and intriguing.

Visitors to Salzburg can enjoy the museum of historic Dirndl at the Goessl Gwandhaus. The Goessl Gwandhaus is a unique site where you can participate in the traditional craftsmanship of the creation of a Dirndl, find out about the history of this extraordinary dress and buy your own Dirndl at the shop. It also hosts a variety of events, from yodelling lessons to seasonal markets and concerts. Dining in the charming restaurant located on the ground floor of the former palace completes the great experience.

www.goessl.com (German only)

 Julia Holzapfel on 04.03.2013