Fancy a Dirndl to go?

When you’re visiting Hallstatt, a charming UNESCO world heritage town in the Lake District, you’re bound to see some local ladies strolling around wearing dirndls. If you start to covet these colorful dresses, it’s completely understandable. For those who are reluctant to purchase a dirndl, Hallstatt offers a brilliant solution: Dirndl to Go. Located in the village center by the Hallstatt Museum, this shop provides dirndls by the day or by the hour. You can rent one and do your own photo shoot with the lake as your backdrop. Dirndl Ambassador Helen has been to Hallstatt and has shared her Dirndl to Go experience with Australian readers of Sydney Morning Herald – a must-read for Dirndl fans!


 Julia Holzapfel on 15.03.2013