Meet the Austrian “Dirndl Ambassadors” in Sydney!


The Casting Event at the Shangri-La Hotel Sydney was full of heart-warming stories and surprises: from a Gugelhupf to “bribe” the jury to a handstand in Lederhosen. It was a difficult decision for the Jury and we can now proudly present the 40 Austrian “Dirndl Ambassadors” in Sydney! You can meet some of them here on our blog.

 Julia Holzapfel on 10.02.2013  

Natasha King

…is happy to be part of a gorgeous Austrian tradition:

“I went to Austria just last year, and the more I saw the more I fell in love. Dirndl’s are just such a gorgeous tradition, and I’m so happy to be a part of the Dirndl Temptation in Sydney, because now I have an excuse to wear one around everywhere!”

 Julia Holzapfel on 09.02.2013  

Andreas Boesch

…wants to pass on his passion about Austrian traditions:

I moved to Sydney about 10 years ago and, while Sydney is a fantastic place to live, I maintain strong links with Austria and I visit my home country every year.

Now, with a little daughter I am keen to show and teach her everything about our traditions, language and culture and always like to tell anyone who will listen about the beauties of Austria and introduce them to our quirky Austrian humour!

 Julia Holzapfel on 07.02.2013  

Helen Anderson

…loves art, wine and writing about Austria:

“A love of classical music, art and wine drew me to Austria, and my work as a journalist and travel writer has taken me back.

Highlights? Opening night at the Wiener Staatsoper, and  strolling the cobbled lanes of Hallstatt, in the Salzkammergut, wearing Dirndl last summer.”

 Julia Holzapfel on 07.02.2013  

Caroline Paidasch

…still remembers the Dirndl she wore when she was five:

“I’m honoured to represent my father’s homeland – especially to swish around Sydney in a traditional Austrian Dirndl. The last time I wore one was when I was five. It was blue with white flowers, a black velvet vest and tiny gold buttons. I felt very proper and stood as tall and as still as possible because I was “Austria” in the School Eisteddfod.

Now, all these years later, to wear the close-fitting bodice and full skirt as an Austrian Dirndl Ambassador is going to be much more fun and flirty. I hope Sydney embraces us in the spirit of joy and friendship that is as Austrian as it is Australian.”

 Julia Holzapfel on 07.02.2013  

Patrick Sheehy

…sees Austria as a dream come to life:

“What is the Austria of your imagination? Schnitzel? Schnapps? Classical music? Soaring mountains? Beautiful women in dirndls? Rugged men in lederhosen?

Well I have a secret for you, this is all real, and it is all there to be explored! Give in to your temptations, I couldn’t resist!'”

 Julia Holzapfel on 07.02.2013  

Susanne Weber

…is a fan of Austria’s opposites:

“You may have been to Europe, but have you been to its beating heart? Austria is everything – traditional and contemporary, tranquil and lively, cold and hot, cultured and wild.

Come and fall in love with your own Dirndl temptress!”

 Julia Holzapfel on 07.02.2013  

Lachlan Dolling

…has fallen in love with (an) Austria(n):

“From the moment I met that random Austrian girl on a Sydney train, I knew that my career path must involve Lederhosen and Beer, so I took off across the world to find my true calling. I found it in Austria, where I surrounded myself in postcard-perfect landscapes, with some of the world’s best cuisine and people that made me feel right at home. Unfortunately I don’t live in a dream though and I had to return to Sydney, where becoming a Dirndl Ambassador has allowed me to recapture some of those vibes (and to give myself an excuse to wear Lederhosen!)”

 Julia Holzapfel on 07.02.2013  

Michelle Edwards

…has spent time in Austria at every stage of life:

“I am born in Australia to my Austrian father, and have a brother living in the heart of Vienna. I cannot help the temptation to indulge my senses in this gorgeous country by dressing up into the very stunning traditional Dirndl. I have travelled to Austria on many occasions , first seeing this amazingly beautiful and sophisticated country through a young childs’ eyes, then as a young adult, and   on my honeymoon 10 years ago. My last indulgence was in 2012 and on each visit I simply can’t resist the temptation to go back. The people are a delight as such is the food, the gorgeous mountains, the green, clean countryside and the simple way of life the Austrians treasure so much.”

 Julia Holzapfel on 07.02.2013  

Martin Wisata

…likes Australia’s mountains and Austria’s hills – or the other way round?

“Servus, I am Martin and look forward to rocking a Lederhosen around Sydney. I like Austrian food, Austrian mountains and Austrian people. I also like Australian food, Australian mountains, well hills really, and Australian people.

To discuss the differences in finer detail come up to me and we shall talk about it over a beer or glass of wine.”

 Julia Holzapfel on 07.02.2013