Impressions: Dirndl Ambassadors @ Opera on Sydney Harbour

Take a look at the glamorous highlight of Austria. Dirndl Temptation: The opening night of “Carmen” Opera on the Harbour – with the Austrian Dirndl Ambassadors inspiring opera fans to visit the many outstanding festivals of classical music in Austria!

 Julia Holzapfel on 02.04.2013  

Impressions of Sailing and Paddleboarding in Dirndl and Lederhosen

 Julia Holzapfel on 25.03.2013  

Impressions of Austrian Dirndl Ambassadors @ Manly Beach

 Julia Holzapfel on 21.03.2013  

Impressions of an Austrian-flavoured ASTW Lunch

This month’s ASTW (Australian Society of Travel Writers) lunch, hosted by the Austrian National Tourist Office (ANTO), was truly Austrian-inspired. Almost 70 people took up ANTO’s invitation to enjoy “Moments of Bliss” at “The Commons”, a former farmhouse and now “local eating house” in hipster Darlinghurst. As part of “Austria. Dirndl Temptation – Dare to flirt back!” participating journalists and PR-executives had the chance to be honorary “Dirndl Ambassadors” during the lunch and wear traditional Austrian Dirndl dresses and Lederhosen.  The colourful “Dirndl Ambassadors”, the scent of fresh meadow flowers and the joyful atmosphere at “The Commons” even made some guests feel like being on an Austrian mountain hut! Have a look at the gallery of a jovial networking lunch!

Christine Salins has shared her “Moments of Bliss” at the ASTW-lunch on her blog food-wine-travel, worth reading!



 Julia Holzapfel on 21.03.2013  

Impressions from “Taste of Sydney”

 Julia Holzapfel on 19.03.2013  

Impressions from the Pub Crawl

Brewing of beer has a long-standing tradition in Austria and is equally important in Australia. Reason enough for the Austrian Dirndl Ambassadors in Sydney to engage with Australians during a pub crawl! Watch the photos of a jovial night at The Rocks.

 Julia Holzapfel on 12.03.2013  

Dragon Boats and Dirndl at Darling Harbour

The Dragon Boat Races at Darling Harbour during the Chinese New Year Festival in Sydney are the biggest boat races in the southern hemisphere. Reason enough for our Austrian Dirndl Ambassadors to not only embrace Australian but Asian culture in Sydney. Have a look at the gallery, where you can see our Dirndl Ambassadors cheering for the boats, dancing with Chinese lions and waltzing with passers-by!

 Julia Holzapfel on 25.02.2013  

Impressions from Taronga Zoo

It was an exciting afternoon for our Austrian Dirndl Ambassadors among koalas, kangaroos and cameras! Take a look at the photos from the first group outing of “Austria. Dirndl Temptation” in Sydney at Taronga Zoo.

 Julia Holzapfel on 20.02.2013  

Impressions from the Casting Event

Cheerful “Dirndl Ambassadors” wearing the beautiful Austrian dresses for the first time, proud “Lederhosen Ambassadors” doing artistics in their traditional garment, a jury being impressed by the creative and charming self-presentations, relieved casting participants enjoying a glass of Almdudler lemonade and Trumer beer, stunning views from the 36th floor of the Shangri-La Hotel Sydney… Take a look at the photo gallery and get a feeling of the unique atmosphere at the Casting Event!


 Julia Holzapfel on 12.02.2013