Video: Best of Austria Dirndl Temptation

Watch the best moments of “Austria. Dirndl Temptation” in Sydney in summer 2013!

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Video: Austria. Dirndl Temptation – Opera on Sydney Harbour

Austria is home to world-famous festivals of classical music and opera, such as the Bregenz Festival, with its open-air lakeside stage. Festive and elegant Dirndl dresses are usually spotted during the famous annual Salzburg Festival. Plenty of reasons for the Austrian Dirndl Ambassadors of Sydney to attend the opening night of  “Carmen”, Live Opera on Sydney Harbour. Experiencing one of the most spectacular performances in front of the iconic Sydney skyline they paid tribute to world class open-air Opera while inspiring the audience to visit Austria to enjoy its rich cultural heritage and tradition of classical music.

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Video: Sailing and Paddleboarding in Dirndl and Lederhosen

What skiing is to Austrians, sailing is to Australians. That is why we Austrian Dirndl Ambassadors set sails in Sydney Harbour and checked-out if Lederhosen can be used for stand-up paddle boarding! The Alpine styled sailors afterwards engaged with Australian sailors in Middle Harbour Yacht Club and inspired them to visit Austria!

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Video: Austrian Dirndl Ambassadors meet Manly Surf Lifesavers

At iconic Manly Beach the Austrian Dirndl Ambassadors met the famous Surf Lifesavers, who passed on their knowledge about water safety and rescue. But the Austrian Dirndl Ambassador also tempted those fit and gorgeous guys with their unique outfits! Beachgirls and -boys at Manly Beach took lots of photos and interacted with the eye-catching Dirndl Ambassadors. A truly unique event of “Austria. Dirndl Temptation” under the Sydney sun!

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Lena Hoschek: Austrian Dirndl goes High Fashion

With her fresh, flirtatious interpretation of retro looks, young Austrian designer Lena Hoschek has ruled the Fashion Week runways in recent years. And it’s no surprise that Lena, with her devotion to flattering the female form, is a huge fan of the dirndl and includes her dazzling take on the traditional dress in her cutting-edge collections.

“My favorite epoch is 1875,” Lena told us. “The feminine hourglass shape is simply the ideal silhouette. It is reflected in the fashion of the 50s and in traditional regional Austrian wear.”

Of course, 1875 happens to be when the dirndl surged in popularity with the Austrian upper class. Emperor Franz Joseph and his royal court were enamored with the dirndls and lederhosen they saw the country folks wearing in the Salzburg Lake District, and brought those styles back to Vienna.

Lena points out that American fashion in 1940s echoed many elements of traditional Alpine costumes. The movie stars of the 1940s and 1950s have provided inspiration for Lena, who especially likes Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn. Pin-up icon Bettie Page is another big influence on Lena’s vintage style.

“I’m often asked why I’m so drawn to the 50s. Even as a child, I loved nostalgia,” says Lena, who has fond memories of watching the 50s films that were shown on Austrian TV every Sunday when she was growing up.

Whether Lena is designing an Austrian dirndl or the kind of exquisitely tailored 40s frock that Katy Perry was photographed wearing, her creative process remains the same.

“The designs are all based on the fabrics,” Lena told us. “First fabric and color are conceived and then we do the design.”

Lena’s career trajectory has been amazing. After attending the world-renown Central Saint Martins in London, she interned with Vivienne Westwood (who also loves the dirndl and has famously said “There would be no ugliness in the world if every woman wore a dirndl.”) She returned to Graz to launch her own label at just 24, opening a small store attached to her studio. Three years later, she opened her retro-fabulous store in Vienna, where she now lives.

“I’m often asked why I don’t move to London, Paris or Milan,” she says. “But there’s nowhere in the world where I could work as creatively as Austria. The country, the people, the food – everything that makes it so attractive as a holiday destination. Those are the perfect sources of energy for doing grand work.”

If you can’t wait until your next trip to Austria, you can buy Lena Hoschek’s clothing online

Watch our interview with Lena Hoschek:

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Video: Austrian Dirndl Ambassadors @ Taste of Sydney

“Taste of Sydney” is the world’s greatest restaurant festival, where award-winning chefs are showcasing their culinary philosophy and talent. As Austria is famous for its delightful cuisine, the Austrian Dirndl Ambassadors took the opportunity and engaged with Australian lovers of excellent food. Watch the video for unique Austrian flavours at the “Taste of Sydney” Food Festival!

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Video: Pub Crawl in The Rocks

The Austrian Dirndl Ambassadors in Sydney want to embrace Australian culture – is there a better spot to engage with Australians than Sydney’s iconic pubs in the historical quarter The Rocks? See for yourself, how the tempting girls in Dirndl, the rugged men in Lederhosen and the refreshing taste of Austrian boutique beer Trumer Pils added up to a jovial pub crawl night.

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Dirndl events in Austria

According to her own statement Ulli Brandauer is wearing a Dirndl 300 days of the year. Ulli is the owner of Rastl Trachten, the manufactory that has created the dresses of the Austrian Dirndl Ambassadors in Sydney. Although she might be an exceptional example of how Dirndl and Lederhosen are part of everyday life in Austria, there are plenty of occasions when you see Austrians dressed in their traditional costumes. Two regions that are famous for their rich tradition of Dirndl and Lederhose are Salzburg and the Lake District.

From Dirndl processions to Dirndl diving

If you are lucky to be in those regions at the beginning of May, you will see Dirndls in every shape and colour at the festivities around the annual raising of the Maypole. The Narzissenfest (Daffodil festival) in Bad Aussee at the beginning of June is famous for its colourful processions, such as the boat procession on lake Grundlsee. The richness of colours does not only derive from the many floral decorations but also from the large number of women wearing gorgeous Dirndls. Later in the year Salzburg’s St. Rupert’s Fair is a traditional country fair on the squares surrounding Salzburg Cathedral, happening every year in September. And apart from farmers’ market, fair booths and arcades, merry-go-rounds, carousels and more spectacles for young and old you will definitely come across many Austrians in Dirndl and Lederhose. Also in September the Ausseer Kirtag takes place, which is a popular summer fair in rural Altaussee, where people come to meet friends, enjoy local music, dancing, and to show off their newest Dirndl.

One event that does not have a very long-standing tradition, but nevertheless has attained cult status in Austria is the ” Goessl Dirndlflugtag”. Initiated by the Dirndl manufactory Goessl it is a fun contest, where women of all ages, dressed in Dirndl do high diving at a lake. A jury judges the flying women in Dirndl regarding style, sportiness, outfit and originality.

From fun to festive

Apart from jovial and fun events there are some festive occasions where the dress code is Dirndl. The Jaegerball in January is one of the most beloved balls in Vienna during carnival season. It is a charity event where guests wear festive Dirndl and traditional suits. A newly established ball is the Salzburg Festspielball, taking place at the end of the Salzburg Festival and destined to become a great tradition. Aside from an opening ceremony with debutantes in Dirndl, the event features a gala dinner and a concert. At the annual Almdudler Trachtenpärchen Ball, sponsored by the iconic Austrian herbal lemonade Almdudler, the Dirndl and Lederhosen are a must-have – the more extravagant, the better.

Watch the video to find out more about traditional Dirndl events in Austria:

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Trumer Pils – Brewing the enjoyment of life

Since 1601 Obertrum, a small village north of Salzburg, has been the home of one of Austria’s most outstanding boutique beers. More than 400 years after its foundation Trumer Pils is known far beyond the border of its Alpine homeland: In 2007 Trumer Pils won the “Australian International Beer Award”, which the brewery was awarded a second time in 2010. In 2003 the second Trumer brewery in its history was opened in Berkeley, California. This location was chosen because Berkeley has water that is nearly identical to the water in Obertrum.

Though putting out feelers to the USA and Australia, Trumer Pils has kept its Austrian charm and taste. It is only available in special restaurants and bars, which take care of atmosphere, service and originality. By enjoying unique beer in a unique environment, Trumer Pils wants to bring joy into your life and make it worthwhile.

But what does Trumer make the perfect partner for a project like “Austria. Dirndl Temptation”? Firstly, its philosophy: being open for innovation without neglecting a long-standing tradition. Secondly, Trumers “schlanke Stange”, a simple, slim and aesthetically designed beer glass premiered as the most beautiful beer glass in the world in 1997. If there was an award for the most beautiful dress in the world, no doubt the fashionable Dirndl would be in first place. And thirdly: Take a closer look at the “Bierweib”, a cheerful woman with a tall glass of beer in each hand in the centre of the logo – guess what she’s wearing!

To find out more about Austrian beers and the Salzburg region please visit

To download a list of restaurants serving Trumer Pils please click here.

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Video: Dirndl Ambassadors at Darling Harbour

During their second group outing in Sydney the Austrian Dirndl Ambassadors were not only embracing Australian but also Asian culture. Watch the unique encounter with dragon boats, dancing lions and chinese dumplings – a multicultural afternoon in three-quarter time.

 Julia Holzapfel on 27.02.2013